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$ 704990 ₽/month

Have you met development at such an affordable price? For this amount you get access to the full functionality of the application and settings

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You decide how your application will look like. Lots of services for managing payment / warehouse / shipping, etc.

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Any online store

Marketing and loyalty tools


Push - notifications

Free push - notifications for which you do not need to pay. Inform customers about new promotions and special offers. Be always in touch with your users


Control panel

A simple and convenient control panel will allow you to easily manage the mobile application. Editing products, sending messages, order list and much more


Banners and promotions

Promotional, product collections and special offers return users to the app over and over again and motivate them to make a new order.


Analytics and reports

It is very important for marketing to know your audience, analytics will help you to increase the effectiveness of your advertising. Analytics are collected by Yandex AppMetrica

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